A Ghost In Drag (On The Go)

by A Ghost In Drag

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Every song off of our 2015 EP at the same time, designed for folks on the go.


released April 3, 2015



all rights reserved


A Ghost In Drag Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Remedial mathcore from Saskatoon, SK. Check www.facebook.com/AGID.band for updates.

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Track Name: ecallaP mahgnikcuF tuO thgiN 'slriG sselmraH yltsoM woleB 24 nodotsaM eseeG fO tseilliS ehT
.nam ,haeY
.dlrow eht fo weiv ruoy tpursid taht ssalg eht no skaerts eht ma I .em tuohtiw retteb eb dluow efil ,em tsurT .hceel erom eno fo flesti gniddir rof gnitarbelec dlrow eht tsuj s'tI .enihsnus fo yar a ees uoy fi desirprus oot eb t'nod ,semoc ruoh lanif ym nehw dnA .dlrow eht fo weiv ruoy tpursid taht ssalg eht no skaerts eht ma I .htiw syad ym fo tser eht dneps ot decrof ma I esoht htiw tsugsid reehs ni tfel ma I .seye kcalb dna ,traeh kcalb ,kcab dab a htiw owt ytnewt m'I .nac I sa noos sa siht gnidnE .emos neht dna rettib ,tnuc knurd ssel eno htiw ,em tuohtiw retteb eb dluow efiL .sdne ti erehw si dlrow siht ;erom yna rof gnipoh ni esnes yna s'ereht dneterp t'nod ,teg lliw ti sa doog sa si sihT .siht retfa semoc gnihtoN
.teef ym ta daed uoy erutcip I nehw si elims I emit ylno ehT .ereh lortnoc fo esnes lla tsol ylurt evah I .gnorw nevorp m'I ,siht dessap m'I kniht I emit yrevE .txen ot pmuj lliw dnim ym erehw ,tniop siht ta ,uoy llet neve t'nac I .niaga uoy evol I kniht I litnu uoy kcuf ot yrt tsuj ll'I ebyaM .yaw gnorw eht siht tuoba gniog m'I ebyaM .tuo dna edisni em gnillik seno emas eht era em eripsni taht sgniht ylno ehT .niaga flesym gnitsuahxe m'I .elbaresim gnikcuf m'I ,epoh fo remmilg a tog ev'uoy fi ,teg I yppah woh rettam t'nseod tI .niaga reve ssenippah ecneirepxe reven nac dna tser ta er'uoy wonk ot ,daed uoy ees ot evig d'I tahw ,doG yM .ydob ruoy gnivael efil eht erutcip I nehw ylraelc kniht nac I ,gniht doog a s'ti ebyaM .siht sa gnorts sa sucof tlef reven evah I tub ,dessesbo m'I ebyaM .ma I elbaresim tub gnihtyna er'uoy fi ,teg I yppah woh rettam t'nseod tI .saw syawla traeh ruoy sa dloc sa eb ll'uoy nooS .seye daed ruoy otni gnikool stsirw ym tuc I elihw muc ;su fo htob dne dluow I syaw eht no etaxif si od I llA .uoy ekil skool ohw enoyreve dna uoy kcuF
.eb lliw reven dna ,erew reveN .efas reven erew uoy taht ees ot uoy deen I ,ecaf eht ni em kooL .em ot erew uoy sa dloc sa ylraen ,wons eht nI .mohtaf nac I yaw etairporppa tsom eht ni uoy dne lliw I .eb lliw reven uoy ,efas reven erew uoY .em htiw efas t'nerew uoy ees ot uoy tnaw I .ees uoy gniht tsal eht eb lliw I .laitnetop ym ees em ekam ot uoy koot tI .ezilaer em ekam ot uoy koot ti ,tub leef won I taht gnihtemos ,'egaruoC' .eroda I taht diuqil eht ni flesym denword ev'I .eb lliw reven uoy ,efas reven erew uoY .em htiw efas t'nerew uoy ees ot uoy tnaw I .ees uoy gniht tsal eht eb lliw I .raelc saw dnuorg eht taht oga gnol os noitarepsed fo tniop eht dehcaer I .eit dna tius a ni knurd a ekil ;ssem pu-dellod a naht erom gnihton m'I
.tsurtsid evoba gnihtoN .sgnul sti ni ria tog s'taht gnihton stsurt ohw eno ylno eht ton m'I wonk I .devlove dellac-os eht morf raf eid ll'I ereh tsael ta ,yrd ot tuo em evaeL .edutilos deen I .devreser evil lliw I .dlrow siht htiw tfel emit ym rof yporhtnasim tsurt ll'I .emit ym erofeb gnol eid ot tnaem saw I ezilaer ot eno tsrif eht ton m'I ,oN .enog syawla erew sepoh erehw ,seno rettib eht rof noitacav a s'tI ?dnatsrednu uoy t'noD .lleh ni ecalp laiceps nwo ym ot ffo m'I ,won ,detad dna dengis ,tnemngiser ym s'ereh ,lleW .nwod em raew tsuj taht uoy ekil seno lufwa eht lla s'tI .retteb eht siht htiw enod m'I renoos ehT ;reverof evil ,oG
.gnihtyreve erew uoy ,ti devol gnikcuf I ;og ot emit s'ti taht yas ot tub tfel gnihtyna tuohtiw em tfel ev'uoy woN .tem tsrif ew erehw tfel s'tahw daerps ll'I ?rehtaf ruoy llet I dluohs kcuf eht ni tahW .uoy lliw ti sa hcum sa tsuj em struh sihT .netsil tsuj t'ndluoc uoy yhw dneherpmoc t'nac I .eciohc on evah I ,uoy ssim ylraed lliw I elihw ,taht dnatsrednu ot uoy deen I .yas on tog ev'I .wonk uoy sgniht eht gniwonk evael tonnac uoy ;eciohc on htiw em tfel ev'uoy ,evol yM .gnola lla nwonk ev'uoy wonk I dna ,skrow efil siht taht yaw eht si regnaD .yaw ym ni teg ot dediced uoy tub ,siht detnaw reven I wonk uoY
Track Name: The Silliest Of Geese Mastodon 42 Below Mostly Harmless Girls' Night Out Fuckingham Pallace
You know I never wanted this, but you decided to get in my way. Danger is the way that this life works, and I know you've known all along. My love, you've left me with no choice; you cannot leave knowing the things you know. I've got no say. I need you to understand that, while I will dearly miss you, I have no choice. I can't comprehend why you couldn't just listen. This hurts me just as much as it will you. What in the fuck should I tell your father? I'll spread what's left where we first met. Now you've left me without anything left but to say that it's time to go; I fucking loved it, you were everything.
Go, live forever; The sooner I'm done with this the better. It's all the awful ones like you that just wear me down. Well, here's my resignment, signed and dated, now, I'm off to my own special place in hell. Don't you understand? It's a vacation for the bitter ones, where hopes were always gone. No, I'm not the first one to realize I was meant to die long before my time. I'll trust misanthropy for my time left with this world. I will live reserved. I need solitude. Leave me out to dry, at least here I'll die far from the so-called evolved. I know I'm not the only one who trusts nothing that's got air in its lungs. Nothing above distrust.
I'm nothing more than a dolled-up mess; like a drunk in a suit and tie. I reached the point of desperation so long ago that the ground was clear. I will be the last thing you see. I want you to see you weren't safe with me. You were never safe, you never will be. I've drowned myself in the liquid that I adore. 'Courage', something that I now feel but, it took you to make me realize. It took you to make me see my potential. I will be the last thing you see. I want you to see you weren't safe with me. You were never safe, you never will be. I will end you in the most appropriate way I can fathom. In the snow, nearly as cold as you were to me. Look me in the face, I need you to see that you were never safe. Never were, and never will be.
Fuck you and everyone who looks like you. All I do is fixate on the ways I would end both of us; cum while I cut my wrists looking into your dead eyes. Soon you'll be as cold as your heart always was. It doesn't matter how happy I get, if you're anything but miserable I am. Maybe I'm obsessed, but I have never felt focus as strong as this. Maybe it's a good thing, I can think clearly when I picture the life leaving your body. My God, what I'd give to see you dead, to know you're at rest and can never experience happiness ever again. It doesn't matter how happy I get, if you've got a glimmer of hope, I'm fucking miserable. I'm exhausting myself again. The only things that inspire me are the same ones killing me inside and out. Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. Maybe I'll just try to fuck you until I think I love you again. I can't even tell you, at this point, where my mind will jump to next. Every time I think I'm passed this, I'm proven wrong. I have truly lost all sense of control here. The only time I smile is when I picture you dead at my feet.
Nothing comes after this. This is as good as it will get, don't pretend there's any sense in hoping for any more; this world is where it ends. Life would be better without me, with one less drunk cunt, bitter and then some. Ending this as soon as I can. I'm twenty two with a bad back, black heart, and black eyes. I am left in sheer disgust with those I am forced to spend the rest of my days with. I am the streaks on the glass that disrupt your view of the world. And when my final hour comes, don't be too surprised if you see a ray of sunshine. It's just the world celebrating for ridding itself of one more leech. Trust me, life would be better without me. I am the streaks on the glass that disrupt your view of the world.
Yeah, man.